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And allow the beautiful starry night to fall upon your eyes
Protect the earth - "our home"
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Beyond an action
But the transmission of a message

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HYBRID - Original Worldtimer

Ref: 220211 / SS-NR1201


Across geographical boundaries , the world is no longer divided.

  • Limited 200pcs Worldwide


  • A portion of the profits, after deducting costs, will be donated to WWF-Hong Kong

  • Estimated shipping time: Dec 2022

  • Free Shipping Worldwide ( excl. tax )

CHF 2380


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Across geographical boundaries
The world is no longer divided

Every watch is exceptional

Our countless watchmakers have poured their dedication to ensure every precise step is done well, to ensure the best possible quality. This is done to ensure that the watches will stay with their users through all the good times ahead.

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Highly sophisticated
structure beyond imagination
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Four-side integrated case

Technical Specification

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HYBRID - Original Worldtimer

Limited 200Pcs


REF : 220211 / SS-NR1201

DESCRIPTION : The HYBRID ORIGINAL WORLDTIMER is inspired by the iconic World Time Zone function and features a new interpretation of the complex case, creating the ultimate combination of trend and practicality. With time zones of major cities in 24 different countries, you can enjoy an instantly readable experience and traverse the globe without boundaries.