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The Art of Watchmaking,

bred in Hong Kong


Hong Kong has long been recognised as a leading market for the production and sales of watches, and its production of watch accessories is among the best in the world. Watch parts of many top brands are supplied from Hong Kong.


ZTAGE watches are designed and born in Hong Kong, and then brought to the world stage. With a commitment to quality, ZTAGE produces bold creations that delivers one message - caring for the world.


Made in Switzerland

with superb know-how

ZTAGE combines in-house design with traditional Swiss watchmaking techniques. From movement assembly to watch assembly, it all takes place in Switzerland.


Once the watch is assembled in Switzerland, it is sent to our headquarters in Hong Kong for a rigorous final 240-hour inspection to ensure that each watch is of the highest quality.

Bringing visionary ideas to life

“In 2017, the independent brand ZTAGE was born in a multifaceted field, in a pursuit for the art of top-notch watchmaking.


ZTAGE continues to drive breakthroughs, with an insistence on blending "innovation" with "traditional craftsmanship" in every element.


All our passion is devoted to making each timepiece of the highest quality.”

- Franco & Cyrus               

CO-Founder of ZTAGE      


To truly bring out the height of purity in a timepiece, practicality, durability, and comfort must all be considered. As we make unremitting efforts to produce one piece after another, all design process centres around the concept of "people".

People - the heart of
building timepieces

Earth at he night. Abstract wallpaper. City lights on planet. Civilization. Elements of th

ZTAGE is beyond a luxury watch brand. We produce creations that showcase concern for global issues.


Watch lovers can not only appreciate the craftsmanship in each exquisite design, but also participate in advocating "care", such as "love for the earth" and "humanly love".


From now on, the watch is not just a simple chime, but a celebration of unique, diverse and life-affirming stories.

A people-centred belief


To ensure that each watch is of the highest quality, all models are produced in limited quantities to ensure that every detail is meticulously maintained.

All watches are produced in Switzerland, adjusted for accuracy at 5 angles and will then undergo a 240-hour final inspection. All these steps are taken with the utmost care to perfect the watch.

Presenting mechanical finesse
with an insistence on quality

Portrait of a young woman with bold glowing makeup posing in the studio. Shape of cold col

What makes a masterpiece?


Keeping up with the times is what keeps the brand alive and kicking, pioneering across the industry.


ZTAGE dares to breakthrough and adds a contemporary touch to its products, combining traditional, modern and brand-new materials to present a whole new look to traditional craftsmanship.


The unique design coupled with the sophisticated precision structures ensure that the watch will be unique in its time.

A passion for bold innovation

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