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Who we are ?

The insistence on

meticulous craftsmanship


Made in Switzerland

with superb know-how


ZTAGE combines in-house design with traditional Swiss watchmaking techniques. From movement assembly to watch assembly, it all takes place in Switzerland.


​Once the watch is assembled, it is sent to our headquarters for a rigorous final 240-hour inspection to ensure that each watch is of the highest quality.

Bringing visionary ideas to life

The watchmaker is repairing the mechanical watches, gear.jpg

“In 2017, the independent brand ZTAGE was born in a multifaceted field, in a pursuit for the art of top-notch watchmaking.

ZTAGE continues to drive breakthroughs, with an insistence on blending "innovation" with "traditional craftsmanship" in every element.


All our passion is devoted to making each timepiece of the highest quality.”

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With over 20 years in the watch industry in Hong Kong, Franco has worked in sales and management positions for exquisite Swiss watch brands, such as, Vacheron Constantin, Roger Dubis, Zenith, Bvlgari and Chopard.


In 2017, partnership with Cyrus started a watch retail outlet and a business that provides watch repair and maintenance services.


In the same year, he formally founded ZTAGE, where Franco is responsible for co-ordinating the brand’s roadmap for future development and watch designs.





Cyrus, who studied computer systems analysis in Australia, has been working in the Hong Kong watch industry for about 20 years. He was responsible for sales and operations management at Elegant Watch & Jewellery and Europe Watch Co., both of which are Hong Kong’s large business groups dealing in high-end watches.


In 2017, partnership with Franco started a watch retail outlet and a business that provides watch repair and maintenance services. In the same year, he formally founded ZTAGE, where Cyrus is responsible for watch development and drawing up 3D designs.

KK Chan.png



CHIEF TECHNICAL                            OFFICER


GPHG Jury Member

Since 2020, K.K Chan has been a member of the jury for Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG).


13 years with Vacheron Constantin

With more than 35 years in the trade, K.K Chan is a legendary icon in Hong Kong, best known for his 13-year presence at the premium Swiss brand Vacheron Constantin from 1998 to 2011, when he was the head of the brand’s after-sales service centre in Hong Kong. In the early stages of his career, he worked at various brands including SEIKO and Girard-Perregaux.


Nurtured countless watch successors

Over the past 24 years, K.K Chan has been nurturing countless watch successors for Hong Kong. He is a long-time Lecturer in the watch-related course of study in Hong Kong offered by HKIVE. He conducts internal training for Richemont, also a top-notch Swiss business group dealing in watches, and is a Lecturer for Master Class and Watch Essential Class.  He is currently the CHIEF TECHNICAL OFFICER at ZTAGE.

What makes a masterpiece ?


Every watch has been carefully and rigorously subjected to the pillars of "bold innovation", "limited production" and "quality first", from design to the fine-tuning of the movement, reinterpreting the definition of a luxury watch for the new era.

Earth at he night. Abstract wallpaper. City lights on planet. Civilization. Elements of th

A people-centred belief


ZTAGE is beyond a luxury watch brand. We produce creations that showcase concern for global issues.


Watch lovers can not only appreciate the craftsmanship in each exquisite design, but also participate in advocating "care", such as "love for the earth" and "humanly love".


From now on, the watch is not just a simple chime, but a celebration of unique, diverse and life-affirming stories.


People - the heart of building timepieces


To truly bring out the height of purity in a timepiece, practicality, durability, and comfort must all be considered. As we make unremitting efforts to produce one piece after another, all design process centres around the concept of "people".

Macro close up of a professional watchmaker repairer working on a luxury mechanism watch g

Presenting mechanical finesse
with an insistence on quality


To ensure that each watch is of the highest quality, all models are produced in limited quantities to ensure that every detail is meticulously maintained.

All watches are produced in Switzerland, adjusted for accuracy at 5 angles and will then undergo a 240-hour final inspection. All these steps are taken with the utmost care to perfect the watch.


A passion for bold innovation


Keeping up with the times is what keeps the brand alive and kicking, pioneering across the industry.


ZTAGE dares to breakthrough and adds a contemporary touch to its products, combining traditional, modern and brand-new materials to present a whole new look to traditional craftsmanship.


The unique design coupled with the sophisticated precision structures ensure that the watch will be unique in its time.

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