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The light emanating from the moon is as if carrying the starry sky in your hands

The only pure land on Earth




" The largest area of freshwater glaciers in the world "


The "HYBRID ORIGINAL" is a full-calendar complication watch that showcases the “Antarctic Glacier”, which depicts the ecological beauty of the region in black and white layers.

  • GLACIER Limited 200pcs Worldwide


  • A portion of the profits, after deducting costs, will be donated to WWF-Hong Kong

  • Estimated shipping time: Dec 2022

  • Free Shipping Worldwide ( excl. tax )

CHF 4150

Ref: 253541 / SS-NR4201


Limited 200 Pcs

The world's largest ice volume region is
facing the greatest threat in history

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Translucent watch face reveals

the beauty of the movement

To maximize the exposure of the elegance and delicacy of the movement, the dial is made in a translucent manner, which does not obstruct reading time and at the same time reveals the beauty of the movement.

Every watch is exceptional

Our countless watchmakers have poured their dedication to ensure every precise step is done well, to ensure the best possible quality. This is done to ensure that the watches will stay with their users through all the good times ahead.

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Full range of

practical functions

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Contemporary materials fused with classic intricate craftsmanship
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Something different about Classics
Dubois Dépraz
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Technical Specification

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Rigorous Testing
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