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The world's largest ice volume region is
facing the greatest threat in history



The watch is equipped with powerful and extensive functions alongside the stunning design showing "Month", "Day of the Week", "Pointer Calendar" and "Luminous Moon Phase", giving the users a all-rounded watch-reading experience.

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The largest area of freshwater glaciers in the world


The "HYBRID ORIGINAL" is a Completed Calendar complication watch that showcases the “Antarctic Glacier”, which depicts the ecological beauty of the region in black and white layers.

Limited 200 Pieces Worldwide


A portion of the profits, after deducting costs, will be donated to WWF-Hong Kong

Free Shipping Worldwide ( excl. tax )

Retail Price : (Swiss Franc) CHF 4750

Full range of

practical functions


The Completed Calendar features the "month", "day", "moon phase" and "hand-type date" with a clear translucent face.

It is a practical watch with a clear translucent face, offering a clean reading field, in line with the brand's philosophy of being "people-oriented", without losing modern and trendy elements.

We use different shades of colour to show the texture of the moon's surface, also adding a luminous effect.When you look at the glow of the moon on the watch at night, it is as if carrying the starry sky in your hands.

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Moonphase with
Swiss SuperLuminova

Dubois Dépraz

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ZTAGE Calibre 2000


The function displays are displayed orderly on the dial, with an elegant and easy-to-read design. The movement's layers are so graceful that you would never grow tired staring at them.

HYBRID - Completed Calendar Cal. 2000 is produced by the legendary Swiss movement manufacturer Dubois-Depraz.Dubois-Depraz was founded in 1901 and has created numerous classics for top Swiss brands.

We have chosen the DD90000, which is the top model in appearance and quality provided by Dubois-Depraz, as the model for this series, together with the traditional ETA2892-A2 as the base, to ensure that the movement will meet the brand's requirements in terms of timekeeping, functionality and durability.

Instilling a new soul

into traditional design


There are different classics in the history of clocks and watches.Our "Hybrid-Original" is inspired by different classic functions in history, and presents a new classic with a signature iconic design that marks a new era.

Every line, layer and finish of the case has been given thought to create a watch with a distinctive and exceptional character.When worn, the watch sparkles and shines. The complex structure allows the watch to be matched with different materials, injecting it with a new visual effect.