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Turn off the lights
And allow the beautiful starry night to fall upon your eyes


Since 2007, WWF's Earth Hour has become the most prominent and largest annual environmental initiative in different countries and sectors around the world.

WWF advocates that households and businesses switch off unnecessary lights and energy-consuming products for one hour between 20:30-21:30 local time on the last or penultimate Saturday of March each year. The campaign aims to promote power management, reduce energy consumption and raise awareness of the need to take practical action to combat global warming.

The theme of this year's Earth Hour is "Habits Protects Habitats", which is a reminder that our daily habits can have an impact on ecology. By choosing a sustainable and green attitude towards life, everyone can play a part in protecting the environment and shaping the future.


Beyond an action
But the transmission of a message

An hour of energy saving is more than a simple activity as it also carries a far-reaching message. Efforts should be made by individuals to reduce unnecessary environmental damage for the world and for ourselves, through every little habit in our lives.