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“Due to human expansion and poaching activities, several species in the savanna have been threatened with extinction.” 


Currently, only five species of rhinoceros remain in the world: the white rhinoceros, the Sumatran rhinoceros, the black rhinoceros, the Javan rhinoceros, and the Indian rhinoceros. In addition to the black rhinoceros, other species of rhinoceros are on the verge of extinction due to human poaching.


The forests of western and central Africa are a natural treasure trove. Substantial anti-poaching strategies, more supportive legislation and land use planning will promote human-wildlife coexistence, which is the key to successful savanna conservation.” 

Plant diversity in the savanna may be in danger of extinction sooner than previously thought. Scientists also claim that the loss of plant diversity in the African savanna will be more severe in the next 100 years than in the crisis 15,000 years ago.