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Let the animals on the rare grasslands

Have a place they call home



HYBRID - "Off - Ground GMT" features 24 major cities from different countries around the world on the outer ring, maximizing the size of each city name, providing an unparalleled user experience.

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Africa's only wildlife playground


With the HYBRID - Off Ground Dual Time model, the "rare grassland" element is added to draw attention to the various threats to the survival of grassland animals.

Limited 300 Pieces Worldwide


A portion of the profits, after deducting costs, will be donated to WWF-Hong Kong


Estimated shipping time: Mar 2023

Free Shipping Worldwide ( excl. tax )

Retail Price : (Swiss Franc) CHF 2900

Crystal-clear sapphire bezel

With Swiss SuperLuminova


Using sapphire chips set into the Off Ground’s bezel, major cities of 24 different countries appear as if they were floating inside the bezel. Visually it looks more layered.The 24-tooth design allows each turn of the bezel to be precise and smooth, allowing you to "align" the current time at your destination.

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Crown-shaped bezel

             AT A GLANCE

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Mastering time, in one hand


GMT Hand


In addition to the bezel, the GMT 24-hour hand in the center of the watch face, together with the 24-hour scale on the outside of the dial, informs you of the time difference between friends and relatives in other countries and your own region at any time and from anywhere.


Sandwich Dial

The dial has a two-layered “sandwich” design, while the top dial is skeletonized with a 12-hour scale and a calendar frame. The bottom dial is coated with Swiss Super-luminova. When the Swiss Superluminova is skeletonized, the light shines brightly, making reading at night a breeze.

Water resistance to 300 meters

The SAVANNA gives the user not just a world time function, but a full range of practicality. Therefore we have given this watch a water resistance of 300 meters / 1000ft, to accompany you to "the skies and the seas" and meet the challenges presented by different environments.


Luxury Pilot Watches


Four-side integrated case