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Let the animals on the rare grasslands
Have a place they call home

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Iconic Crown-shaped

Bezel Design

Taking you into

the world of rare grasslands


The home to countless wildlife

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Africa's only wildlife playground


With the HYBRID - Off Ground Dual Time model, the "rare grassland" element is added to draw attention to the various threats to the survival of grassland animals.

  • SAVANNA Limited 300pcs Worldwide


  • A portion of the profits, after deducting costs, will be donated to WWF-Hong Kong

  • Estimated shipping time: Dec 2022

  • Free Shipping Worldwide ( excl. tax )

CHF 2250

Ref: 240571 / SS-NR7201


Limited 300 Pcs

We will accompany you
in your worldwide travels

Crystal-clear sapphire bezel

Using sapphire chips set into the Off Ground’s bezel, major cities of 24 different countries appear as if they were floating inside the bezel. Visually it looks more layered.

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Mastering time,

in one hand

Every watch is exceptional

Our countless watchmakers have poured their dedication to ensure every precise step is done well, to ensure the best possible quality. This is done to ensure that the watches will stay with their users through all the good times ahead.

Highly sophisticated
structure beyond imagination
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Technical Specification

Rigorous Testing