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RETAIL PRICE : ( Swiss Franc )

CHF 3260

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Crystal-clear sapphire bezel

        With Swiss SuperLuminova

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Highly sophisticated

structure beyond imagination

Ground-breaking Four-side integrated case

To give the watch a distinctive layering on both sides, the lugs are divided into two separate components, which are inserted and secured from both sides. The bezel is inserted from top to bottom and the case back from bottom to top, forming a four-sided insertion into the main case at the same time. This design not only creates an eye-catching visual effect, but also opens endless possibilities for future extensions. All nine components of the case are hand-polished in over 30 steps, creating a luxurious interplay of satin and polished lines. - Crown-shaped outer ring Our goal is to break free from the shackles of traditional watchmaking and become one of the most recognizable designs in the history of watchmaking. That’s why we gave the watch a "crown-shaped bezel". The bezel is visible from both sides of the watch as a "crown" at the top of the main case, creating a lingering moment of grandeur and mystery. - Luminous bead The crown of the HYBRID - "OFF-GROUND" is set with a "luminescent bead", a unique feature of the brand. When viewed at night, the light shines through the crown and sparkles in the evening sky.

Mastering time, in one hand


- GMT Hand In addition to the bezel, the GMT 24-hour hand in the center of the watch face, together with the 24-hour scale on the outside of the dial, informs you of the time difference between friends and relatives in other countries and your own region at any time and from anywhere. - Sandwich Dial The dial has a two-layered “sandwich” design, while the top dial is skeletonized with a 12-hour scale and a calendar frame. The bottom dial is coated with Swiss Super-luminova. When the Swiss Superluminova is skeletonized, the light shines brightly, making reading at night a breeze. - Water resistance to 300 meters The Aurora gives the user not just a world time function, but a full range of practicality. Therefore we have given this watch a water resistance of 300 meters / 1000ft, to accompany you to "the skies and the seas" and meet the challenges presented by different environments.

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REF. 240571/SS-NR7201

HYBRID - "Off - Ground GMT" features 24 major cities from different countries around the world on the outer ring, maximizing the size of each city name, providing an unparalleled user experience.

FLIGHT (1Q).png
  • Bidirectional world-time bezel

  • Hour , Minute , Second

  • GMT Hand in Center

  • Date at 6 o'clock

  • Cal.1100 ( Modified Soprod )

  • Stop Second Function​​​

  • 42 Hrs Power reserve

  • Frequency: 4hz / 28,800vph

  • Bidirectional Rotor

  • Water resistance 300m



We have you covered; as a thank you for selecting ZTAGE , we ship anywhere in the world free of charge. 



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Register your watch to benefit from a 1-year extension to the standard 2-year international limited warranty.

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Rigorous Testing

Every watch is exceptional

A watch should not only have an iconic design, but also have the requirements of good timekeeping and practicality.Our countless watchmakers have poured their dedication to ensure every precise step is done well, to ensure the best possible quality. This is done to ensure that the watches will stay with their users through all the good times ahead. Prior to watch assembly, the accuracy of the movement is adjusted internally at 5 different angles to ensure that the movement is in the best possible condition, and the accuracy of each movement is strictly limited to +/- 6 seconds per day. In addition to the precision assembly, we execute the 240-hour official runtime test to make sure everything is in perfect condition.

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